Collaborating with Google Drive

When I think about what I used to do to feed my obsession with word processing, archaic software systems like WordPerfect 2.0 and Lotus 1–2–3 come to mind. I can’t help but remember the negotiating with any and every family or friend with access to the Microsoft Office Suite professional licensing codes. This was before Microsoft introduced Home and Student /Business Professional editions that were slightly more affordable. I would covet those floppy disks and CD-ROMs as if they family heirloom

"Lessons I've learned from working the brutal night shift at Lazard"

I’m a creative type who at times felt like a fish out of water amid the cherry-paneled conference rooms and Bloomberg terminals of Lazard’s New York office. Back in the early days of the millennium, shortly after the internet bubble burst and before 9/11, I took a job at a French investment bank. I worked the night shift as a project assistant for Lazard Frères at their New York City location in Rockefeller Center, where I supported banking and asset management teams focused on M&A in emerging

Work Potion #9: Michael Strahan on How to Succeed in Business

Earlier this week I attended Salesforce’s Small Business Basecamp, a half-day conference offering hands-on advice on how to grow and launch your business. In addition to Salesforce, there were many leading brands represented including Amazon Business, Squarespace, WeWork, Yelp, Zenefits, RingCentral, and others. The agenda featured a fireside chat with media personality and SuperBowl Champion, Michael Strahan. Below are excerpts of Strahan candidly sharing lessons from his experience in business

The Power of Giving: Sustainable Living in Rote, Indonesia

Rote is an island off the coast of Indonesia, north of Australia and just southwest of Timor with rolling hills of gold and palm trees of emerald green. The island straddles the Savu and Timor seas and is home to local artisans dedicated to upholding Rote's traditions in the creative arts. A group of enterprising practitioners known as the Indigo Foundation has partnered with the Lua Lemba Education and Community Development Foundation in Nemberala Village to increase opportuniites for the you

Driven to distraction: every single day

How many times have you had a great idea and filled with inspiration and momentum switched over to a productivity app or a post-it to jot it down only to be distracted mid-thought? This happens to me every single day. I troll the Internet for advice on how to thwart distractions and sharpen my focus. The last time I Googled there were 25,000,000 search results to scroll through. 25 million! On just as many pages, I might add. Even Siri couldn’t provide an adequate estimate of time on how long i

#First7Jobs: A Career Blueprint

An Alaskan musician (who I’m sure has seen an uptick in her Twitter followers) asked the Twittersphere “What were your first 7 jobs?” and its hashtag #FirstSevenJobs blew up social media, as several celebrities and business moguls, including Lin-Manuel Miranda responded to the post. So much of who we are today is shaped by the experiences of our past. When I think back to my own #first7jobs, I can see the blueprint of my career path taking shape. #1: Scaturro Food Market, Cashier. I was a shy,

Conversational Storytelling, or The Art of Sneezing

It’s just me, Andrea. We haven’t met yet. But I think we will, one day soon. I’ll be the one writing in a notebook with a pencil, drinking coffee; there’s one seat free, it’s opposite of me. You may hesitate momentarily at the idea of sharing space with a stranger, then decide to walk over and ask, “May I sit here?” at the same moment I lift a Limited Edition Blackwing from the page, glance upward with a kind smile and say, “Of course.” I clear off half the tabletop for your laptop, textbo

Thursday Tease: Miss Poison Ivory – Les Femmes Fatales

Happy Thursday! It’s time for the #ThursdayTease, a titillation alliteration that this week talks to the lovely Miss Poison Ivory, who is “part goddess, part femme fatale, part hedonist.” Sounds like our kind of lady! What first drew you to burlesque? I first learned about the burlesque revival from a documentary I watched on Netflix called A Wink and a Smile. At the time, I had recently moved from California to New York after a break up from a toxic relationship and was looking for something

Thursday Tease: Twinky Boots – Les Femmes Fatales

T-minus 36 hours until the long weekend of Lincoln, love and lust. Take two to toast the #ThursdayTease, a titillation alliteration as LFF talks it up with Twinky Boots, a tasty delight making his boylesque debut Saturday night. How did you start in boylesque? I started in Burlesque/Boylesque through Jerry Mitchell and his charity event Broadway Bares which benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. I stumbled across the @BCEFA event on YouTube when I was still in college and was immediately
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#NYTravFest The People You Meet

I spent a rainy Saturday leaning into all things travel at NY TravFest, a four-day conference dedicated to connecting travel industry professionals and enthusiasts on their passion for seeing the world. It was my first visit to the Bohemian National Hall. The building’s neo-Renaissance architectural exterior facade a pop of color on an otherwise residential street. It always amazes me how much New York is like an onion, there’s always something to uncover even when you’ve lived here all your li

Last Few Days in Siem Reap

It’s hard to leave Angkor Zen but more adventures await. My final two days in Siem Reap are a short tuk-tuk drive away. I chose to stay at the Golden Temple Residence, a hotel highly recommended by Trip Advisor and friends alike, located in the heart of the old town and a block away from the Night Market. Over the top. It’s the only way to describe the level of service at the Golden Temple. From the stone Buddha at its entrance to the welcome ice tea and fresh fruit at check-in. The room is sp

Siem Reap: Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm

The road to Angkor Thom passes over a causeway lined with devas (gods) on the left and asuras (demigod/ demons) on the right. The gates lead to the last Imperial city, where Bayon temple –most noted for the smiling faces of Buddha–sits at its center. The bodhisattva statues should be one of the seven wonders of the world, the detailed and exacting efforts to create emotion and facial expressions through the placement of each stone a complex puzzle of shade and gradient are truly miraculous. A q

Yoga, Cats, and Meditation

Pickup from Siem Reap by tuk-tuk. I meet Dianne from Malta, an ER doctor in Preston, UK. Upon arrival at the Angkor Zen Retreat Center, she reacts skittishly to the dog, insistent that Cambodian dogs are the worst. First impressions are tricky, and despite being skeptical about my accommodations I forge ahead. And I am so glad I did: a four-day retreat turned into five. It truly was an arrival into paradise, one greeted by a litter of yogi cats. Yoga three times a day, meditation daily. A vege

The Gateway to Angkor Wat Temples

Banteay Srei, the Citadel of Women, is a 10th-century Cambodian temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Built largely of a hard red sandstone that can be carved like wood, the structure features detailed reliefs and carvings. The complex feels like the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with landscaped walkways and pools of water. As I stroll through the nature preserves, I revel in its simplicity. At the midway, I am accosted by a mother and her children pestering me to buy postcards or give them mone

Cambodia, The Kingdom of Wonder

Tuk-tuk to the hotel. The streets of Siem Reap are filled with color and dust. Orange cloaked monks ride sidesaddle on the back of motorbikes. A cart filled with natural weave baskets, golden yellow bicycles. We pass the city center, the royal gardens, a foot bridge with a 7-headed serpent (Naga). It is 90 degrees outside but motorbike riders are dressed for a NY winter. A common sight throughout my travels. The sky view from the sunbed is blue, the sun hiding behind the clouds. Almost ethereal

Cambodia, A Sunset Tour

Tonight I booked a sunset tour of Tonle Sap and the floating village of Chong Khneas with its houses, markets, villages & schools. I am solo, with a tour guide and driver. As we begin our journey, we stop to admire a landscape vista of lotus flowers, a deeply important flower in Buddhism and symbol of Southeast Asia. Next, a city built on stilts, where residents live in squalor surrounded by refuse and rubbish, glaringly visible in the dry season. Residents walk between the structures on the riv

Angkor Wat at Sunrise

Day 3 begins at 4:45 am with a pickup from Sok Manea, a tuk-tuk driver referred by TripAdvisor and the web. We travel in the dusk to the Angkor Wat temples. The early morning air is crisp. The climate is duplicitous, I didn’t bring a shawl and should have. It’s cool in the morning, teeming with heat the rest of the day. I purchase a 7-day pass and two checkpoints later I am one of the swarming fireflies descending upon the temple grounds. Imagine going to a SummerStage concert at Central Park,